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Well here's an odd question

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I settled up a suit I filed on behalf of Chickie about a week ago for $2,500 (think company who's name would mean a lot to...Robin Hood, William Tell, etc.)

Nothing amazing in and of itself, your usual array of violations...but I got everything today (fully executed settlement agreement, check, UDF)....and her check is for $3,000, not $2,500. Never run into an issue where the CA overpaid before. I checked the settlement agreement...it very clearly states $2,500 with a $1,000 LDP, so I'm not sure how they came up with the total.

Question is: Can she keep it? I know the logical response would be no, but I'm more wondering if there is some sort of responsibility to alert them as to their mistake or make them find it themselves (and knowing how "well" they keep books, I'd not hold my breath on that ever happening). If not for my general disdain for CA's in general, I'd not even ask...but if she's allowed to hold it on a fiduciary basis...well, I'd probably tell her to...

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Hey Xanathos!! Been in this spot with student loans/awards before..and they always come back at you..even if it takes months.

I don't know the laws and such.....But if I were her, I would set aside the additional $500 for some time..just to see if anybody comes a-calling. (and NO, I wouldnt notify them)

Hey!! on another note, hows my Interogs coming along..PM me please!!!

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