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Sending a DV past the 30 days


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I received a letter from Asset Acceptance this week seeking collection on a debt from 7/95. They have been sending me these every so often since around 2001, and I have ignored them. Normally, I immediately respond to a creditor's letter with a DV, and they disappear for several years. For some reason, I never got around to sending a DV. From looking at the letters they sent over the years, I think I never received the original letter that states "you have 30 days to dispute this debt".

1) Can I still send a DV even though it is long past the 30 days? Do they have any legal obligation to respond?

2) Is there any point in sending a DV now? The debt is far past the SOL (6 years in my state), and their letters are becoming fewer and far between. I'm worried that sending the DV will wake them up, and they might try to sue me. I believe I'll win, but it will still be a pain to deal with.

Thanks for any advice on this.

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