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Question about SOL and BK7


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In March/April of 2000 is when I started becoming 90-120 deliquent on my CCs.

This would be considered date of last activity right?

This is also when the SOL starts right?

Date of last activity determines date report falls off credit correct?

SOL determines how long a CA can collect against a debt, is this true.

I have more to add, but please confirm/deny or explain. Then I can continue.


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Okay well the last payment I made was at the latest January of 2000 on any of my old creditors. So in reality since I never contacted anyone, even the CA regarding any kind of payment and they never found me, the SOL should have started 2/2000, is this correct?

Second question. Debt was all acquired in California. I moved to Indiana in 11/2000 and then finally to Texas in 8/2002. What's state's SOL laws apply?

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No wasn't dodging, just how things worked out.

I dunno then. If this is the case why would all the derogs on my CR show

to fall of n later than 6/2007. I've got things from chase and Crap 1,

Sears that are due to fall of in 2006 & 2007 according to Transunion.

Could it be that is because They were marked IIB after the fact?

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