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I think I had some luck with Mike Barrist after all. My TL was listed on EX & EQ and its gone from EX. Let's hope its due to fall off of EQ in the next couple of days!!

DING DONG NCO IS DEAD!!! Just saw my EQ and IT'S GONE!!!


My first baddie to fall!!! xdancexxdancexxdancexxdancexxdancex

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When you send these letters by email do you include them in the body of the Email or do you send them as an attachment (such as a Microsoft Word file?)

I copied the letter into the body of the email.

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I sent an email to Mike B. on April 5. I just received a letter dated April 7th from Lisa Stating thank you for your inquiry. Please be advised the above referenced acct is closed in our office. In addition please be advised with have contacted the Credit Bureaus, to update our listing of the account as settled..... signed by lisa. Anyone receive a similar letter. :( and get their baddies deleted?

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So almost a month later I’ve received what’s supposed to be a validation letter from Acceptance. Clearly, this is not a validation letter.

The letter states:


Thank you for your request for further validation of your above mentioned account.

Enclosed please find an account statement prepared with information provided to us by the prior creditor.

Please contact me so that we can work toward resolving this matter.

This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.



On second page:












I’m in California. The SOL here is 6 years, and the SOL has expired on this account.

I've finally received a credit report from Experian and TransUnion, still waiting from Equifax. Acceptance has “opened an account” with TransUnion back in 2005 and last reported on 4/2008. There’s also the original creditor information, the account was opened in 99, last reported 2/2002 and closed 06/2001. On both Acceptance account and the original creditor account, the TransUnion report states that “This Account is scheduled to continue on record until May 2008” - So is this the date when both accounts will be removed from my Credit report?

I need to send a follow-up DV letter stating that the CA has failed to validate and to remove any negative listing from my credit report. DO YOU HAVE A SAMPLE LETTER for me to use?

Please, I would truly appreciate feedback and any help you can give!!

Thank you in advance!

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Hi, Ive been following this forum and I have a account from NCO also. I would like to send a email but someone said not to use your own email. So should i just make one up or how do i send it? Also this account was opened in 2002. The SOL for where the account was opened is up in 2008 and where im at is up in 2005, so should I state that as well?

I would love to get rid of this one.:)

Thanks, Sheri

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Hi All!

Quick question: NCO has made a credit inquire on my credit report twice. It means that they have received my CR and their names remain in my report for 2 years.

I want NCO to remove the entry from my report. Can you advise? How do I handle this one without raising the red flag?


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Just to let you guys know I got a NCO deleted as of 10/18/08 and it was not SOL either. It was on my EX report. xdancex

I did it by reg initial dispute with CA. This is not the first one either. The other two CA's were listing them too, about a year and a half ago and I got them deleted by this method, and the NCO negs. have stayed off to this date...

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Hi Everyone!

Well it took a few weeks but it happened received the letter from Lisa Signore from NCO, Legal Compliance Dept. today...they deleted all 5 accounts. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

Okay, after seeing a lot of posts like this one... did you guys all have legitimate debt, or no? Is it really just as simple as contacting NCO for verification (even if the debt is real) and then they give in? :) Er, seems too easy...

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wow, I sent a Dv to Nco,( electric bill for 425.00), from when we moved the electric company didnt change over to new renters when they where supposed to,

not only did they remove from my Credit report i got a letter

account was removed from all CRA's and we will no longer be collecting on this, all within 4 days!

cool since it was owed to the city its been holding up our getting a mortage loan YIPPY!!!!!

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Question - is NCO-Medclear the same as the company everyone is talking about?

They also tend to crumble with a DV or 623 letter and a dispute. Or at least they did so for me. I just did the DV because I didn't recall that they ever sent me any notifications or requests for payment.

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Good to know, thanks to both of ya! Cbairey cute puppy by the way!

thanks, a little update, I sent NCO a second DV by email on the 8th, as of today I have Nothing back, No email, No letter,,

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Can I send the same DV letter (by "trying*harder") to my credit card company?

We sent a DV letter, they removed it from the CRA's right away and now, almost a month and half later, we received a letter that they have closed there account.

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