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I wrote NCO, and received a letter from NCO, stating they could not provide validation of a debt they were trying to collect, and that all entries on my credit report would be deleted.

Well I contacted Transunion twice and disputed, and it came back verified each time, I talked to Transunion and asked for ther MOV and they said they couldn't provide me with that information..

At this point should I contact a lawyer, because both NCO and Transunion seem to have their heads up their rear ends, and have no worries about violations.


Did you send Transunion a copy of the letter you received from NCO? I sent a copy of my letter from NCO the day after NCO sent it to me. I'm still waiting to hear back from the CRAs though (it's been about 2 weeks).

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I emailed Mike and Lisa to remove my info from all 3 bureaus as it was supposed to be removed in July 2007 anyway...I hope it works :)

Congrats Who!!!

I emailed them too and here's what I got in return...


I grifted their addresses from previous posts but they aren't going through. Would you mind posting the address you used?

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Hi, It has come to my attention that NCO has been reporting on all 3 of my credit reports. I have not checked my reports in a number of years so finding this was a suprise to me. The debt on my report actually belonged to my ex hsband and was his in our divorce settlement.

I am writing to ask you to kindly remove this mistaken debt from all 3 credit bureaus reports. My Experian report says it is to be removed in July 2007, and has not been removed. My Other reports name different dates for the removal, so I am hoping since it is scheduled to be removed from Experian this month, That it could be removed from the other bureaus as well.

The account number on the credit file is XXXXX My Name is Who Cares. I appreciate any help you can give me as I know incorrect information has caused me many problems and the bum I was married to ruined my credit and has never paid any support, so this has been a big problem for me and my children.

I thought humor would hep...And maybe it did

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I emailed NCO awhile back but have received no replies yet.

TU sent me a letter that stated the information I disputed was not contained in my credit file. So far, they've corrected basic info, name and previous addresses, and deleted two NCO accounts. Today I got a second letter from them where they say the "disputed information is not contained" in my file.

They never say they removed anything or corrected the disputed entries. I guess that's their way of trying to minimize their guilt for reporting fraudulent information.

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I sent the "investigation" letter to some of my original creditors. It has been over the thirty days waiting period and have no response from them at all. They also continue reporting outdated information on my credit report that should be taken off. This info has been on there for seven years. What can I do?:confused:

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Just wanted to share....I sent an email to Mike Barrist (?), and he forwarded my email to Lisa Signore of NCO. I just received a letter today stating that they have requested to delete their listing on all 3 of the credit agencies. I checked my credit report and it is all gone.

Now I'm down to the following derogatories:

T/U - 3

Exp - 4

Eq - 6

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About 3 weeks ago I sent Mike an email regarding three (3) fraudulent NCO collections and I cc'd Lisa in the email.

I kept getting error messages from the webmail account I used so I'm not sure if it was ever delivered or not.

My most recent TU report as of 8-15-07 (hard copy mailed from TU) only shows 1 of the 3.

I never heard from either M or L so I don't know if they initiated the deletions or if TU did as a response to my disputes...

I used my regular ISP email account tonite to send them another letter for the NCO collection that's still there.

I gagged a little bit when I proof read my letter; kissed some arse and played the victim card.

I feel dirty... :oops: and I kinda like it!

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I have a letter coming from the following address:

NCO Financial Systems

PO Box 61247

Dept 64

Virginia Beach, VA 23466

Has anyone else addressed DV letters to this office and received any kind of results? Is Lisa or Mike at this address?

What's the better way to go - certified return receipt requested letter or an email?

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Hi read your post and have a question?

I too have a nco reporting on cra from 3/2003. it say assignee by citi

can I dv them or dispute with Cra?

what can I do?


a bit new a this

Send DV letter CMRRR to NCO. When you receive your signed green card, dispute the tradeline with the CRA.

Better yet, you can track the progress of the CMRRR letter, via email notification through USPS, by entering the 20 digit article number in the tracking utility here;


Once you see that it's been delivered, you can move to step two without waiting for the mailman to return your green card. Lets you get your dispute in a few days earlier that way.

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I am ready to DV NCO regarding Capital One accounts.

Can anyone tell me if it's better to send a letter (do I need to use a green signature card for receipt? Priority? Confirmation of delivery?)

OR should I simply email ?

Which works best?

Please answer soon, i'd like to get to start this process as soon as possible.


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