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Is This Letter Okay???


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Okay - on April 15th I will be sending in a final payment to a creditor.

I will be paying for this by money order. (On the money order I will write - paid in full - and make a copy & keep the receipt for my records.)

I will also be sending them a letter stating that I would like a letter back stating that the debt is satisfied. Below is the the letter that I will be sending.

Does this letter below look okay to send to them?

Also - would anyone know where I could find some sample letters for something like this? I have had no luck finding anything.

Thanks for your help!

- Kari


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing today, as I am sending in my final payment of $XXX.xx on account number XXXXXXXX.

Upon your receipt of this letter and payment, I would like to have a letter sent back to me, stating that my account with Goodman & Poeszat, PLLC is paid, and satisfied.

Your quick attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.


Kari L. Hager

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