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Can it really be true??


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I sent out dispute letters to the big 3 and only. Got back my green cards that they received my dispute package (literally a package where I sent a letter with a table that listed acct name, #, why I was disputing, how and if the OC replied back to me, copies of the letters and green cards)and the only one I heard from was Trans Union who actually replied within 2 weeks with a lame letter and a new credit report stating here's new info and the rest were all verified.

I read a prior post that said that if the CRA does not reply within 30 plus 5 days to your dispute, that you can call/mail them and they must remove all for failure to respond to dispute under sec. 611. Is that correct? Is my best course to CMRRR another letter stating that since they didn't reply they must delete and then follow up with a call?

Should I ask TU for their MOV via the telephone or mail?? What has worked best. Please let me know.


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