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Corporate or Business Debt Should I validate?


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I have received a collection letter from Palisades for a cell phone bill - not addressed to me personally but to my former s-corporation (desolved in 1999) and sent to a previous address - a former residence. A friend now lives there and knowing the Corporation name was my former business gave me the mail several weeks later. The OC is not reporting this on my CR. I am concerned that they are trying to connect the dots - so if I send them a DV letter and with my name with a new address this will give them some info to collect further. They wrote - "if your account falls within the 7 year reporting period, they intend to report this account to the various credit bureaus....:" Since it is probably well over 4 years old and it is not being reported from the OC, what is the safest process. I thought about putting it back in the envelope and returning it to them with "no such addressee at this..... - I do not like to stick my head in the sand but I think they are fishing for more info. Please advise if anyone can.

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