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getting turned down for the wrong reason

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So I took a look at my reports the other day for the first time in over a year. They look great as far as positives and negatives go. My utilization is WAY too high right now, but other than that we have only 1 recent CO to Wells Fargo for our Slumberland card (we let it slide and now it's something I need to fix...I guess I missed credit repair so much I had to give myself something to do! :lol: )

Anyway...so I knew that the utilization might be tanking my score, which I haven't checked yet, but I decided to try for a Best Buy card the other night because we really wanted to buy a camcorder for the upcoming arrival of our first, and very long awaited, baby. We attempted to save up the money, but ended up having to use it for living expenses. With time running out, I felt torn. Debt to me is like a hole. We're either filling it in or diggin' it deeper. I've grown to REALLY dislike digging it deeper, but sometimes you have no other choice. So I took the plunge, only have that one CO/late on my reports...everything else is PAYS AS AGREED. I only had 1 IQ, too, when I applied. I got denied for having too many delinquent accounts!!! What the hell?! Since when is 1 too many? I then gave Circuit City a shot. Same denial, same reason. If they had said "your usage of available credit is too high" I would've understood, but denying me for the reason they stated is, in my opinion, bogus.

But here's what I took from the experience....1) I truly didn't want any more debt, so I believe that's a factor in why it happened that way (I just felt desperate to have something I honestly can't afford right now)

2) I considered what my other options might be, and fortunately I thought of a couple of alternatives that won't require me "digging the hole deeper." I let my fingers do the walking and found a place that rents camcorders to people for less than a 10th of what I wanted to spend on a new one. I also remembered I have a friend that has one and might just let me borrow it if I were to ask. It's nice, I don't feel so desperate now and when we can afford to buy the one we want, with cash I know that's going to feel great.

Anybody else ever feel like they got turned down for the wrong reason on something before? I'm just wondering if this was "normal" I mean having like 6 accounts that are PAYS AS AGREED/Never late against ONE charge-off seems ridiculous for them to say "we're sorry, you have too many delinquencies."

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