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I think I made a big mistake

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Sorry if this belongs in the credit card forum but here it goes.

I disputed my Jc Penney card for late payments with the CB's.

When I pulled PG last night my account is showing closed.

I have had this account since 1997 and I cannot remember having

any late payments. I think they may have closed the account because I have not charged anything on the card in about a year.

So I have been lurking here for about a month. I thought I was doing

the right thing.

I don't want to lose the account as it shows a long history, but I do

not need a negative as I plan to buy a house next year.

I was planning on calling them Monday morning after I get off from

work but would like to know if I screwed myself and just should

not bother.

I will be back later after I catch some z's before my graveyard shift

tonight to answer any questions.

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I don't think there would be any harm in calling JCPenney's. I'd play dumb, like "...gee...I got my free credit reports the other day and I see you're not listed. What happened? I've had an account with you guys for a long time...is it closed?..."

If it isn't closed, then you can probably get them back by just using the card again...

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Well, I did what willingtocope said and called. Thank you

for your advise.

I played dumb and the nice lady said she shows my account is

open and not closed. She said the CB's must be in error.

She is putting it in for investigation so

they will let me know.

The best part is while on the phone with her I asked for a CLI.

She asked how much I would need, I told her $500.00 more

for business clothes and she said no problem.

So now I guess I see what happens with the investigation. I

do not want to "p" off the CB's. Is this the right thing to


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