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experian report, please help

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I got my husband's credit report from experian. Fleet CC is listed but does not give the collection agency only the account number. This is when I was new and did send the dv letters but never got the green card. Just wanted them to stop calling. How do I find the name of the collection agency? Date open 6-1-1996 . Payment history Aug.01 was the last payment. charge off as well and transferred to another lender or claim purchased. When it was transferred to another collection agency, i did send the dv letters and did get the green card. then i have TXCOLLECT, inc. Dbr Ct but does not say what credit card it is. i did get the green card back. i have learned now. Should I call experian and asked what collection agency it is from fleet? Chase is listed but i have the green card as well. i cannot remember what collection agency had fleet first. I did speak on the phone with them a few times and told them my daughter had used it to call her, which they did every day, I then sent the letters but cannot remember the collection agency. When Does the statute of limitiatons start? Is it when I talked with them or the last payment made?Which letter should i use to send to the credit bureau? (experian) Also, can I have the information from the credit bureau sent to another address? I did the freecredit report for my husband. Can I do it for myself with the same address? What do i click? i clicked on printable report. It was a mess. two different names and two different addresses. My husband's name and another name but his correct year of birth was listed. We live in Pa.

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Carol, you might try using paragraphs here and there, it would make things easier to follow. Also, you've asked a lot of questions in one pile, and you're probably in the wrong topic...but...here's a couple of answers for you. You might try reposting some of this in the other topics.

In no particular order:

1. Yes, you can request your own reports using the same address. Use your own SS#...

2. If there are several names and addresses on your DH's reports, and they're not just things like "John Harry Smith" verus "JH Smith" then it could be that his reports are mixed in with someone else's. The quickest way to get this sorted out is to call the CR and explain which is which. If they don't give you satisfactory answers on the phone, you may have to write a letter documenting what is correct.

3. For anything listed on your CRs that you don't recognize, you should see both a tradeline and then a little further down the name and address of the company associated with that tradeline. Send those people a DV letter (start with the example listed above) and include a sentence that says "I found you on my credit report. I do not recognize this as being my debt. Send me appropriate documentation or delete from my CR".

If you have other questions, post them individually in the "Credit Repair" topic and we'll see what we can do to help...

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