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road to success...recource?


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:?: I am going to pay the OC the debt I owe.. So I do not have to pay the 52% interest the CA ia charging.. also the SOL is a month away.. from the original date the CA was given the account.

I have done tha DV thing. Got one responce with in days showing paper wprk where they were notified, and we made a payment once back in 2001... because we were scared.. As stated before.. we have made arraingment to pay the OC.. Now the problem is.. the CA

I will ask the OC to have the CA to remove their trade line from all CRA's and I will show payment to the CRA's as proof of payment with a letter from the OC..

But I know from the the ohone calls we received and ( where they cussed us out and said really terrible things to my wife) and we know there has been no activity to the account since 2001, but the keep re-aging showing activity... since 2004 (every month by the way)

I know these guys are going to try to stay on like a bad smell just fro spite! recource? :?:

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