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Being sued I think, any advice?

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Today I just received some mail from American Mediation & Dispute Resoution firm. It said I was about to be sued by Citibank. It gave a Civil Court Filing number. Another letter from Fiancial Tech'nics. Has the same court filing. I haven't been served yet. My records indicate that the account in question with Citibank is beyond the SOL. So I will be using that affirmative defense. I am also Judgement spoof. No asset, work in Texas, so no wage garnishment, I think.

I finding it hard to believe that Citibank bank would pursue this issue. It seems like a slam dunk for me. AM I MISSING SOMETHING? My other questions are? Who are these people who are offering to mediate this issue? Should I call the court house to see if the case actually exists? Should I considering alternate resolution for a SOL case?

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