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Paying off cc debt in order to optimize my FICO


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I could use a little advice on paying off my credit card debt in order to optimize my FICO. Here is what I am looking at:

Visa Card:

balance = $2000 utilization = 51% interest rate = 23.9%

Discover Card:

balance = $1600 utilization = 82% interest rate = 15.99%

Both of these accounts are closed. I have been paying ontime for the past 6 months on both. I realize that you save the most money by paying down the card with the highest rate first, but for me to optimize my FICO, should my priority be getting my utilization down?

Someone on another board said that because the accounts are closed, they will always be at 100% utilization on my credit reports. I noticed that my credit reports do show the limits for both of these accounts.

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