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Parking Ticket showing as Installment Account, is it legal?

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I have an unpaid parking ticket from City of San Diego showing up as an installment account and recorded as 90+ days late.

Can they legally show this as a installment account being 90+ days late as if it's some kind of loan??

I'm suspecting the 90+ late is doing additional damage. I called them up and was told if I pay it off, they will show it as "paid 180 days late" - I suspect paying for it would end up drop my score lower.

I already disputed this with CRA, and it stayed, any suggestion/advice??


TU 659

EQ 671

EXP 645

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Thanks, I will check it out. - there are so much information here it's nice.

Credit repair is so much fun when you see the score goes up :lol: - it's like a game - but frustrating when you spent a lot of time then nothing happened :dunno:

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I'm still a bit unclear after reading the earlier posts, so should I write a letter to CRA ask them to delete the record because it's a false reporting based on FCRA?

Any letter template i could use?

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