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please help me on this. i think there going to sue again.


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I had a judgement on this account, i have paid the judgement in full now I look at this and it looks like the have been charging interest or something and looks like they can now sue me for the balance of that interest. PLEASE HELP i caint afford to pay this alll over again. here the the listing below!!!



city,state Account Number:



Closed/Account charged off. $0 written off. $6,813 past due as of 4-2005.

Date Opened:




Credit Limit:


Date of Status:

04/2005 Terms:

NA High Balance:


Reported Since:

04/2001 Monthly Payment:

$0 Recent Balance:


Last Reported Date:

04/2005 Responsibility:

Individual Recent Payment:


Creditor's Statement:

Account closed at credit grantor's request.

Account History:

Charge Off as of 4-2005

180 days as of 6-2002 to 3-2005

150 days as of 3-2002 to 5-2002

120 days as of 2-2002

90 days as of 1-2002

60 days as of 12-2001

30 days as of 11-2001

Balance History:

03/2005 $6,813

01/2005 $6,701

12/2004 $6,593

11/2004 $6,491

10/2004 $6,387

09/2004 $6,289

08/2004 $6,191

07/2004 $6,292

06/2004 $6,199

05/2004 $6,400

04/2004 $6,305

03/2004 $6,208

02/2004 $6,119

01/2004 $6,124

12/2003 $6,030

11/2003 $5,940

10/2003 $5,849

09/2003 $5,762

08/2003 $5,674

07/2003 $5,587

06/2003 $5,504

05/2003 $5,169

04/2003 $5,087

Limit High Balance History:

Between 4-2003 and 3-2005, your credit limit/high balance was $3,500

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If you paid the judgment in full, then you need to get a letter of satisfaction from the attorney or whoever you were paying showing that this thing is OVER with. They cannot sue you on the SAME debt twice. If the judgment was satisfied, including statutory interest on the judgment, you have nothing to worry about.

Looks more to me like they are deliberatly reporting it incorrectly or that IS the interest that WAS owing before it was reduced to judgment.

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Seems a little fishy, here. Was the judgement from the OC, or some CA? Where were you sending the money?

It looks like either you were paying someone who didn't pass it on to the OC, or the OC didn't update your credit reports.

it was from the ca in the oc's name i was paying the ca..

thanks ladynred im going to get this straight on day.

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