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CA, OC charge offs/Identy Theft?......Advice Please


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OK. I’m new at this and looking for advice. I have ordered the “Good Credit is Sexy” book (should be here any day now), but I’m looking for help from past experiences also. I have challenged the 3 CRAs, gotten responses, sent DVs to a couple of CA’s, and now awaiting replies. All of this is on accounts that are 2 yrs or less from SOL, and are not mine. From what I can guess they are from an old relationship/identity theft kind of situation, and I need records to prove that. My questions are; if I can get rid of the CAs, can I contact an OC to get information and/or get it removed after charge off status? I never signed for nor personally used any of the accounts which include 4 credit card, 2 cell phone, 2 mail order catalogs, and 1 unknown as of yet. Only 2 CA sent a response to my dispute. How do I send DVs to the CAs who didn’t respond by mail? How do I send DVs to OCs with charge offs? NONE of the accounts listed on my CR are or have been contacting me (except the 2 CAs responding to the CRA dispute). I apologize for all the ramblings, but this is kind of freaking me out. Just tried to use my credit for the first time in almost 10 yrs and this is what I found :oops: . Any and all help and advice is deeply appreciated. Thanks!

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