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Response to DV... ???


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I have recently DV'd a CA that showed up on my CR in Feb.05 (never got any letters from that CA).

To my surprise, they did not ignore my DV, but sent me a letterwith OC name, acc. #, acc. balance, when acc. was opened, my ss# and stating that they".. have ceased collection activity and the above referenced acc. is currently under investigation. While under investigation, this acc. is being reported to CRA with the notation: "Acc. info is being disputed by consumer." We have ordered the info you requested. Same will be sent to you upon receipt."...

Do they have any "timeframe" to respond?

Any idea on the best next step?

(I have got my dispute results from TU and EX few days ago - "verified".. Today's PG shows "account in dispute")

Thanks a lot!!!

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