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Hi all I have been lurking the last couple days and have gotten some good tips. I previously started this whole process a few years ago with some success getting legit late payments removed. However in some cases the information would be corrected on my husbands report and not mine or vise versa..Is their a trick to this process that would update both files? I would also encounter the information being fixed at one CRA but not at anouther.

I have just re started the whole process of ordering our credit reports and disputing information, I have found several legit mistakes that I am going to takle first. I am not sure how to address some of the issues.

I have a car loan that was paid off in November of 2003 the vehicle had been totaled I was given an incorrect payoff but because their had been previous collection issues with the company in which I had reported them to the FTC they said that they would accept this payoff...A balance of $1,800 still appears on my report and it is reflecting that the account was 90 days past due..the account was never reported again after our dispute and reconciliation.

I have a collection on my credit report from AT&T...this is rather a complicated issue...I did have a phone with AT&T signed a two year contract...a few months later my husband went in and added two phones to the account...I never signed or authorized these...ATT sent me a bill for approx $600 which I paid by phone...somthing happened and they turned the phones off...I called and was told to get my phones turned back on I would have to pay $850...I refused and told them to cancel my service in which they said that I would be charged $250 each phone for canceling my contract..I told them to screw off. I then recieved a collection letter from 2 differnt companies requesting that I pay the balance each time I wrote them asking for proof that I had authorized these phones..I never got a reply and then several months later I would get a new collection letter from a new company eventually I wrote a letter stating that per my previous requests they needed to send me proof of my authorization or cease all collection efforts. Last year well over a year later I recieved a letter offering a settlement which I ignored. The account shows on my CRA's as unpaid owing $1,178 I am disputing this account as not mine...I had failed at this in the past..would I be better off disputing it as a fruadulant..My next question concering this account is because their have been so many companies involved I have no idea who to write to..my CRA only lists a # for the collection agecy..not a phone number but an id #....My thoughts were to offer them settlement of 1/2 the amount in exchange for them removing the account off my reports..of course with a letter confirming that this is what they will do.

I have a second collection account for college classes that I had dropped but apparently had done so incorrectly....I was planning on offering the same deal to pay the origional amount less the $125 service fee the attached to it in exchange for them removing the remarks from my credit report.

The thrid issue I am not sure how to handle is with Chase the account I put the account on Credit management severeal years ago...the past 12 months they show my balance as 30 days and them 60 days past due for the past 5 months...I did miss 2 payments but not consectively and they are showing this as a past due balance..I am hoping that because this card has been sold several times my disputing it as inaccurate will be sufficient if not what steps can I take to have it re aged or cleaned up..

I have a few legit things I would like to have cleaned up or reaged and wondered if anyone has had any luck...My mortgage payment reflects quite a few 30 day lates..Equifax list the account twice on our reports with one of them only showing one 30 day late...but not on the others...so I don't believe asking them to delete the duplicate would work at least not in my favor...Has anyone had any luck dealing with EMC mortgage...say if I were to write the a letter explaining what had caused past issues and asking them to reconsider reaging my account if it is paid on time for x amount of months.

I have a bankruptcy on my report that is due to drop off in October this year...discharged in October of 95 because of the age I don't know how it impacts my credit report but does anyone know how many points I can expect to gain from its deletion...

Sorry to be so lengthy but one more question...My husbands Capitol One Account shows me as an Authorized user on my credit file...the only reason I was added was so I could make a payment by phone...since I also put this on Debt Management...mainly because the company is impossible to work with....I called them last month to get the due date changed...since every month they hit me with a late fee they first refused to change the due date untill the account was below the minimum then told me they would only deal with my husband because its his account they said it did not matter that I was authorized...Now according to a letter from Capitol one my account was supposed to be reaged after I was on the program for 6 months and I then recieved a letter stating because of my improved payment history they were going to credit the account $110 neither has ever happend and sadly I don't think I have the letters any longer...but plan on looking for them. Since they refuse to give me any information should I not be able to have this removed from my credit report? I will deal with the other issues via letter if disputing them does not work....I figured on this account I would make sure it was below the minimum balance before I started making waves...

Currrently my scores are: Equifax 498, Experian 523, TU ???, My husbands are Equifax: 545, Exp 598 and TU?? I have a goal to see the high 600's on both by the end of the year...My Fico Simulator showed that I will have signicant imporvement just by making sure all payments are made on time for the next 3 months...and even better in 6 and 12 months so I am hoping getting this other junk off even with a few late payments in my past will at least make me look credit worthy again...I have learned my lesson and am not interested in getting a bunch of new credit cards but I would not mind refinancing a few things like my car which is at 23% and benifiting from some of the equity in my home

Thank You


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