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sent 2nd dv by email and received this

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Per your request, proof/validation of the accounts above has been obtained from the oc and included in this letter. The documentation provided identifies the referring physician, creditor, patient, guarantor, date of service, and exactly what the charges in question are for.

You do not have a contract with e-Recovery Solutions. e-Recovery Solutions is the collection agency for the creditor to whom this bill is owed. We have all legal rights to collect this debt. If you wish to view a signed contract, you may request that info from the medical facility the services were rendered at. We do not collect for that facility, we collect for Piedmont Diagnostic Radiology.

Your allegations of our failure to comply with the FDCPA and FCRA have no merit. We are and have been in full compliance with the FDCPA and FCRA since the accounts were assigned to our office.

In my previous correspondence I provided you with all the info above as well as details regarding the dates that letters were sent to you for each account. The initial letters conveyed your rights, required by the FDCPA, to provide us with a written letter of dispute within 30 days. We did not receive any such letter for the accounts listed.

We have taken the necessary steps to have the accounts listed above removed from your credit report with all CRA's to whom we reported delinquency. This removal will be temporary until such time we receive proof of payment or copy of an official police report for identity theft. This info should be mailed to the address below. :shock:

By all means, it is our wish to help you resolve this issue. If you have been a victim of identity theft or if you have already paid the accounts in question, send us the proof requested above and we will see to it that the accounts are removed from your credit report permanently.

ok in the beginning it was 2 accounts different account # listed so i disputed with CRA and they verified so i dv them received letter basically saying that i actually have 3 accounts and they listed account # principal, interest, nothing with my signature, so i looked at CR and they indeed added it to my CR, so i sent 2nd dv letter and received this letter so i checked CR and one account deleted and 2 account now with same account # and different amts.

What do I do next?

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I think they are within their legal rights. Since this is a medical debt, they can't obtain anything with your signature, as the paperwork would be considered confidential. I think they are fully cooperating thus far. How old is this debt? Is the amount in question correct?

My first action would probably be to contact the OC and try to settle, get it out of collections and take it from there. If it's too late for that what I would likely do is try to settle under the terms that the tradeline, and any related tradelines, be removed from the credit reports.

This really depends on how old the debt is, and what proof you believe the facility will have as far as backup. It seems that this account is very traceable and it would be difficult to prove it's not your debt in a court. This is what you want to consider.

Do a search on medical debts to see if anyone has gone through anything similar. Also, if you were under insurance at the time, check to make sure all paperwork is in order and the billed amount is actually your liability. Start with a call to your insurance company with dates and places before you.

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you know I never really thought about the confidentiality thing, thanks for pointing that out.

This removal will be temporary until such time we receive proof of payment or copy of an official police report for identity theft. This info should be mailed to the address below.

is this a typo? are they really asking me to send this and if i don't will it be added back, how much time are they allotting.

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wunderwoman :shock: I received documentation from an attorney collector I had DV for when my husband went into the hospital and some of the documention had his signature, is this not right? The attorney also mentioned that she did not have to provide validation since I had missed the 30 day window :roll: She did not like the DV I sent which I got from this board :p . She responded that as a courtesy she was sending all paperwork. But you say this paperwork is confidential? Has she violated by sending me all this paperwork? I have not looked very had through all paperwork but I did see a copy of my DH DL, paperwork with his signature as well as details on procedures done to him. I think this bill was missed by our insurance because some of the amount has (co-insurance) which we do not have I am insured and my family is under me so I was going to look closer into this. Now you have me curious on this confidentiality stuff have I missed something?

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