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Do I have this CA for non-pp (BK7)


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I had a BK7 that was discharged in 12/03. I have two accounts on my Transunion file that show as IIB, the rest of my accounts are all in good standing. These two IIB accounts will come off in July and August of this year (dola almost at 7 years).

My question:

Cavalry Portfolio Services (collection agency) pulled my transunion report (soft inquiry) on 12/2004 and 3/2005. I understand a CA can pull a report for an account they plan on buying and/or collecting for. Since the only two negative accounts on Transunion are already correctly reported as IIB, they should have no reason for pulling this report, correct?

I have two baddies left on EX and EQ that should say IIB, but are being reported as charged off/transferred to another lender with $0 balance. I disputed both as not mine 2 times, however, they came back verified as charged off. HSBC Retail Services and MBNA America were both included in the BK7. Equifax changed the Date of Status to 1/05 the last time I dusputed as not mine. They are both scheduled to come off within the next six months, so I haven't really been too quick to send an ITS or anything. Neither one of these accounts are on Transunion.

I have a funny feeling that Cavalry is getting ready to buy the debt from one of the two abovementioned creditors. I am not worried since they were IIB. I am thinkng that they are pulling Transunion to see what else they may be able to go for, since they know that I have baddies with EQ and EX.

So I called Cavalry (yeah I know...never contact a CA, but they have nothing they can legally collect on so I am not worried. Besides, I find that I have had much better lick getting naddies off when I call creditors and do my perfected "flipping out on everyone I talk to" routine

Cavalry said that I was not in their system, so they had me call their compliance office. Compliance could not find anything on me and basically said "do what I got to do" when I told them they had no Permissable Perpuse to pull my TU report.

I know there is nothng they can collect on, so I am going to try to get an easy $2,000 ($1,000 per inquiry). Since I am not in their "system", do they have PP?

Should I go ahead and get HSBC and MBNA to report IIB even though they are scheduled to come off within the next 6 months. I figure by getting them to report IIB, it will better my case against Cavalry for non-pp.

Any advice or suggestions would be sincerely appreciated. I am getting ready to send Cavalry my letter asking again for PP but want to make sure I have my bases covered.

Also, I wanted to thank everyone for the great info on this forum. I have been lurking here for several months, and with the info here I have been able to get every other account that should have been IIB deleted (over 20 so far!). My scores (FICO) are all at or near 700 (Equifax being at 680 which I attribute to their changing the date of status on the HBSC account)

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