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CBR's refusing to reinvestigate?

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I thank you in advance for any sage advice you may lend me.....

I have 2 pesky CA TL's that refuse to go away. Both are from the same OC and the same CA. They are for phone bills. One had been listed as a paid collection, one had a balance (2002). I honestly do not remember any of my phone bills going to collections, but I do remember being behind before. If I paid anyone, it was the OC then they forgot to notify the CA. Obviously like a dumba$$ I didnt keep proof. Theyre reporting to TU and XPN.

:!: Dec '04 I disputed with CBR's: verified

:!: Jan '05 I disputed again with CBR's : verified

:!: Feb '05 I DV'd the CA via CMRRR then CBR's via CMRRR: closed account fell off XPN but not TU. Didn't get a response from CA. Got letters from both CBR's stating investigation complete, stating I can either insert a statement or deal directly with DF (CA).

:!: Mar '05 Sent 2nd DV with 15-day window to CA via CMRRR then sent procedures request to CBR's via CMRRR.

:!: Apr '05 Got notice from CA (finally) acknowedging my request-generic--probably finally responding because its worded like a pre-ITS. Got form letters from both CBR's stating investigation completed already and an offer to add a statement blah blah blah.....these form letters were not specific to my request, they didn't list the specific creditor on them.....AAAAARGH!

I asked for dates they conducted their "investigation", names of individuals they spoke to, addresses or phone numbers they used to verify, whether it was electronic, mail or by phone and I get this generic cr@p???

I was so angry I decided to call XPN with the number on the reports to threaten FTC action if they did not lawfully abide by FCRA....guess what? When I punched in the "report number" into the automated system? It said I didn't have a report and kicked me off!!! Twice!!!

OK, so now that I've vented......should I try calling and getting a live CSR using another report number or mail ANOTHER letter or just go straight to FTC? They're starting to wear on me. :(

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I feel for you! Its as if you wrote my story exactly, one CA, two CA accounts, same timeline, even the same situation with CRAs. I'm having major problems with TU not even responding after multiple MOVs and disputes, all CMRRR. The CEO of the CA after two requests for DVs recently mailed me a response stating that since I continue to "pester" them, they wanted to inform me that they are reporting "as required by law". Its bogus!

I am thinking that the only way to get these CA accounts removed is to go right at the furnisher- and send an ITS letter to the CA. Then if need be, follow it up with small claims court papers.

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