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Anyone hear of these CAs?


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1: National Credit Systems: This CA I'm waiting to DV until SOL is up this year. I couldnt tell by reading the threads if this CA is in more states than NY or not. The one that appears on my CBRs is in NY. I looked at their website. They look a little intimidating.

Check 'em out:


address: 11 E 36th St FL 10 Ny NY 10016-3318; no phone listed

I received the threatening letters and such years ago, which I ignored and/or threw away because I was scared and overwhelmed. Now I know better :wink:

2: The other CA that seems to have suddenly appeared on my CBR is Federal Bond and Collection out of Philadelphia. It's still in SOL but the dates seem all out of whack. I'll probably deal with them in the next go-around and I'd like some more strategy in dealing with them:

They look slightly less intimidating and with all the growth they've been doing lately, maybe they lost my data? :)


address: 841 E. Hunting Park Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19124-4824; phone: 800-220-2018

any info would be most helpful.....

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What dollar amounts are you dealing with?

#1: $1000+

#2: $200+

From what I can tell, #2,FBCS has some reporting violations which can easily be challenged. Also, I have had myfico scorewatch and it hasn't popped up there, but I received a hard copy of my CBR from EQ and it was on there.

#1, NCS, is still quite scary to me and Im sure they could get a judgement on this one if I opened the can of worms before SOL. My goal with this one might be to wait until SOL then ask OC to take it back for PFD........after I DV, of course.

Still, any info anyone can give to me on these CA's would be helpful. I know Bud Hibbs has FBCS on his list.

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