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Just getting started...quick question Re: Asset Acceptance


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Hi all...I've got a quick question since I'm getting ready to embark on this credit repair journey.

I just got my free credit reports and there are 3 items from Asset Acceptance on them. Phone bill and two electric bills totalling around 350 bucks.

The debts are valid and not even close to SOL.

My plan is to pay them after negotiating (in writing of course) to have them deleted from my report.

My questions are:

Should I pay the full amount? Does that reflect better on my report than "settling"

and...(I know you'll all groan after you read the next line)

Last year, I paid Asset Acceptance 9,000.00 to settle 2 outstanding credit cards...Citibank and Discover (boy I wish I had known about this forum then). Anyway...is there any chance I can get them to remove bad info about these accounts as part of the negotiation for the other 3 or am I just dreaming.

Also...I'm feeling overwhelmed by this whole process...any members of this forum in Michigan who would want to act as a consultant to steer me in the right direction?

Thank you all for your time.


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Also keep in mind they paid pennies on the dollar for that debt and want to make a nice profit off you. That's how JDB's work.

If you default on a $5K debt, the OC sells it off for say... $1,500. JDB's come after you for $5K + interest.

There is little negotiation with a JDB. It's legalized extorsion, and they're given the blessings of our officials to continue to practice (ya know, it "helps our economy")...

There a case cite to use for JDB's. It's Coppola v. Arrow Financial. If you ask them how much they paid for it, and ask for proof they bought it, and their right to collect, they must tell you.

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