Removing lates from Paid as Agreed accounts

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Is it worthwhile to remove late payments from an auto account that is marked as Paid as Agreed or should I just leave it alone? The date last reported is 2/2002. I have several 30s and a couple of 60s. Will a goodwill letter to this company work since the loan has been paid in full. It was a trade-in and the payoff amount was paid off when I purchased a new vehicle. I didn't know if the derrogatory lates affected my score more than the account being marked Paid as Agreed helped it.

Thanks for any help.

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I haven't had any luck so far with mine, but that hasn't stopped me from trying.

What I've tried (hope this helps):

(1) Planet Feedback letter. No result.

(2) Called and talked with sympathetic rep, gave sob story. No result.

(3) Sent certified email to company CEO. No repsonse yet.

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