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Help me figure out this situation with a CA please?


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Thank you for taking a look.

OK, here is another problem I just had. A CA just called me about the dispute of this account that is on my CR. I disputed it as "not mine" with all 3 CRA. My dispute was on 4/5/05. When he called today, I didn't screen the call and picked it up. He says "This is XXX calling about the dispute of your account with Eagle's Point (Eagle's Point is the OC, not the CA.) I wanted to let you know that this is going to be on your credit record for the next 7 years. I would like to know what we can do to take care of this today." OK, so this is violation since it has not even been 30 days and he is attempting to collect correct? Maybe I am misunderstanding. So I reply "I want documentation sent to my home before I decide to do anything." Him "Have you ever asked for this before?" Me "Yes I have (because I have but never recieved it.) Him "I will get that out for you today." I say thanks and hang up.

I sooooooooo wish I had the capability to record this call! I am in TX. Does anyone have any advice on how to procede? Should I send out the DV letter now, or did I just do that on the phone basicly?

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