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Is this legal service? HELP!!!!!!!!!

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State = Mass

My husband received in the mail a capias order from the court, with letter from sheriff telling him to report to court tomorrow Thursday, (received on Monday) via regular mail?

Is this proper service? I read one of the sites, and I thought it had to at least be sent certified?

Any help would be appreciated, especially since he is out of town, and there is no way he can go, now I fear the sheriff showing up at the door to take him away in hand cuffs?

As a side note, I have already presented to this lawyer that this should have been paid by the title company, when we refinanced last year. As clearly stated on the Hud-1 document. Also retained a lawyer to track down why it was not paid................

Thanks, I know it is confusing, but any advice would be appreciated.

Also posted under bankruptcy, if we file, Friday for BK 13 would this take away the sheriff's right to take him away if it was properly served......

Thanks again!!!!!!

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