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Arizona Small Claims question

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Oh Great Minds! Hear the Plea of a Lurker!

I'm a couple days away from a default judgement in AZ Small Claims. AZ small claims does not allow a party to be represented by an attorney (generally). Today I received an answer from the Plaintiff's (hired) attorney. So:

Has the complaint been answered? Even though the attorney cannot represent Plaintiff in this court?

What should I do next? Should I file for a default judgement in a couple of days anyway and explain the situation? Is there some other motion I can file that says "hey - you can't have an attorney!".

Also, counsel states in answer that they tried to contact Defendant. I seriously doubt this - I'm really easy to contact. Should I make some mention of perjury? File complaint with Bar?

This is pretty much a slam dunk non-pp case.

Thank you in advance. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated! ::allhail::

The unworthy.

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Yes, I understand that a Corporation is not a natural person, but as I understand AZ law, in AZ Small Claims, any regular employee of the Corporation can represent a Corporation, but if they hire an attorney they must first move the case to justice (county) court. http://www.azleg.state.az.us/ars/22/00504.htm (It's ok if the regular employee happens to also be an attorney) Otherwise, both parties must consent for either party to be represented by counsel.


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