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Another issue I forgot to mention...could be serious


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I just found out two days ago that there is a guy (NOT ME!) listed on 2 credit reports with same name except a different middle initial and an address I have never lived at! Yesterday, the wife was going tanning and I happened to look at their computer screen when they asked my wife her name and THERE HE WAS! Same address, same name that is on my credit report. They wouldn't give me his information though. I also see a TON of inquiries on my reports. I have only made a couple...mortgage company since I am getting ready to buy a house and I opened a credit card for gas. I have something like 30+ inquiries listed and I know I didn't do all that. I am thinking someone got my information and tried opening accounts but where denied but don't know... I was going to call today but my wife had to go get stitches this afternoon and I forgot about it.

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