judgements on title search b/ discharged in my bk

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Good Morning, i have a question about my title search for my mortgage loan. Title company called me on Friday saying they didn't know how to take care of two judgements on me during the title search. I told them that the debt was discharged in my ch7 bk sept03. How am i suppose to go about getting these taken care of for the home i'm trying to purchase. i spoke to my attorney and the courts who said that, they have no reason to check to see if you have any leins or judgements against you on the seller. Well the title company called the two attorneys about these judgements. will that affect anything as far as being put back on my credit reports after they have already been deleted? Second, if they were discharged why are they being able to pull them? I do understand debt being discharged in my bk, but i was told that the judgement itself can stay on your credit for 10 years. The attorney said they couldn't be taken away as judgements b/c at the time i didn't own any property, and if i did i could be in trouble for not including the home in my bk.

Attorney said we could go back in and open the ch7 case but that would leave all the creditors i included in my bk a way to come back after me and would cost me more money to reopen it then to just let it be.

What am i to do at this point. I am suppose to close this Friday.


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Pull your Schedule F from your bankruptcy papers and show that these debts were discharged in your Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This should clear any issues with the title company.

Believe it or not, court records rarely reflect the bankruptcy discharge of judgments. The creditors are notified, but do little to clear the court records.

No need to reopen the bankruptcy if they were already included.

Again, the thitle company is looking towards the liens on the property, not you. This should have no effect on your purchase.

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both judgements were included in my bk. how would i go about getting those dishcarged through the courts or does it matter? say for instance when i refri i would need these cleared up correct? if they have already been deleted from the bureau's will their be a chance that that may pop back on my reports? The reason i ask is b/c the lady at the title company called the attorneys, they told her they would not satisfy them. i'm afraid of all the work i've done to get them removed they may pop back up. i'm trying to keep my scores high after the purchase of the home as well. i am needing to apply for a bof credit card to get somethings i will need for this home.

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