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SOL letter to CA, now "Plantiff's Request for Admission


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Received a letter from the Sheriff, sent a SOL letter to the CA and a copy to the court house.

Now the Collection Agency sent me a "PLANTIFF'S REQUEST FOR ADMISSIONS TO DEFENT" letter, in it there are 12 questions they want me to answer. 1 personal information. 2.everyone I have told 3. everyone I am going to call to testify. 4. all the written info I have, and so on and so on.

I am hoping the ANSWER is to send them another SOL letter. Feel if I answer their questions I am admitting something I shouldn't

Do I send another letter with my SOL defense

Last payment to credit card was Dec 2000.

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Check your state's rules of civil procedures for the exact objections you can raise.

I'd object to personal information, as it is not relevant to the matter at hand and it is already available to the plaintiff.

I'd object to the request regarding everyone told as not relevant.

If it is SOL have you mentioned this to the court in your answer yet?

I'd be asking about their Bar association number or something pretty soon too. Suing on a debt you know is SOL can't be right.

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