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Moving out soon and knew I had a collection on my report so I decided to check all 3.

Equifax score shows as 602. I just recently (within last few months) paid off all my credit cards, about $9000 worth. Only 1 card still has a balance, my mom pays that one off because she used it. I have 4 accounts with late payments. 2 of them will be dropping off within the next 2 years.

Experian score is 654. Same deal as Equifax.

Trans Union score is 617. I have a collection for a community college debt that will be paid next month and notes that it is scheduled to be removed from my report in 12/2005.

So I guess the thing I have heard about "dont pay collections because they will start all over" is false. I also assumed the start date of collection would be from the date the collection was filed which was 5/2004. Instead it seems as if its reported starting at the initial date of when my money was due which was early 1998. That is great news for me!

Equifax score power thing estimates that if I keep paying my debts on time I should be in the high 600s possibly the 700 mark within a year or 2.

I have alot of accounts, alot of teh cc's are closed but i still have open an American Express, and the one Discover account still being paid off. I have a car loan with BB&T that will be paid off within the next 6 months. I have a loan with my credit union that will also be paid off within 6 months.

I am hoping to be in the 700s by the time I want to buy a home!

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