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some credit report questions - part 2 disputes/information

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I broke up my posts because the information was slightly different and didn't want to over do the posts. Maybe I already did.

I was looking at my experian report and had some questions about disputes.

1. There is a credit card from 1999 on it. I might have opened it, I don't remember it. There is a card opened from the same institute on the same month as this one. The other card is closed and in good standing. This card was closed but with negative information: It just says it is 30 days past due. Should I dispute it, or just let it fall over next summer (2006)? I just don't remember this card, but it's one negative item out of 7 that I would like to get rid of. However, 2 of these 7 I am just going to have to live with (one comes off in March of next year and the other I might talk to my CC company in 6 months to clear the 30 days late comment. The remaining four are on my other post. (Sorry that was longer than anticipated).

2. I have 13 accounts in good standing. Of the 13, 10 are closed. Does it matter that I have 10 closed accounts? Is it better to keep them on or to removed them? I am thinking keep on, but just wanted confirmation.

3. Reviewing credit inquiries - there are 2 categories (viewed by others) and (view only by me). The (viewed by others) category, I recognize all those inquiries which were done all in 2003 and 2004 (none in 2005). In the second category, there are 35 inquiries (some with multiple), do I need to be concerned about all these inquiries. There are probably 15 of the 2004 (I don't care about the 2003) inquiries that I don't recognize. Should I dispute them? Do they have an impact on my report?

4. Finally. Being single, having attended college, I have moved a lot in the past 10 years. Including the 2 homes my parents have had, I have lived in 13 places. On my report, there are 29 entries. 12 of these are correct and 1 is slightly incorrect (missing a "north" in the address). The remaining 16 entries are incorrect somehow. The addresses are almost right, but not exactly. Should I remove all the incorrect addresses.

5. Also in my personal information, I noticed that I have 5 variations of my name (first middle last/first last/first m last/last first/first f last). The fifth variation is my first name, my first initial and my last name. I think I should have this removed because it is in no way my name. What about the name that is (last first), this is my name backwards, should it be removed.

6. Also, my parent's phone number is listed. I would prefer not to have their number on my report Just so they don't get unnecessary phone calls. Plus that number has never been in my name. Is it okay to remove their number?

That's a lot of questions. I just want this report to look better so I can buy a car next year and have more freedom if I want to get something big.

Thanks in advance.

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