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Last TU dispute went bad!


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I disputed about 7 accounts still negitive on my credit reports. TU turned 2 charged-off accounts from sold/trasnfered, unrated to sold-transfered paid after collection. That helped me to a nice even 50 point FICO drop. Now it makes no sence, becasue if it was transfered how could I still make payment to them. I did like TU, no longer. Do I dispute again and ask to have it reverted? What do I dispute on an item to have it removed if its not verified?

I tried to get it removed, by picking at the date and amount, I guess they didnt like that and screwed me. EQ did the same thing by not changing one diputed item but deleting 12 Sallie Mae uncsolidated loans. They were all defered and no payment was ever made. I consolidated before they came due. That was a nice 30 pt. FICO drop too. This last round of diputes killed me! any suggestions. Oh ya a few are now reporting every month, so I have about 3 years on those now regardless...

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