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Joining a Credit Union isn't such a bad idea.

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There are a large number of credit unions in the lands, I suggest looking at this site http://www.whogavemecredit.com before attempting to join or obtain any new credit so you can select a lender/creditor who will pull your best report(s) according to your geographics.

Digital Credit Union,

Pentagon Federal Credit Union,


Community America credit union.

Navy Federal if you’re in the military or have a family member who is.

I personally joined Pentagon and was approved a 5K credit card immediately.

I was also approved for an Amex Blus cash rewards for 10K and also a Circuit City Chase for 8K all of which pulled EQ, my best report.

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Credit Unions are great!

When I was building my credit, they helped the most. They are easy to join, generally easier to get a card with, and give you a nice CL.

I also hate banks so it's my little protest against banks-I am a member of four credit unions.

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What could be more generic than banking? Go with whichever institution offers the best combination of convenience, service, and interest.

I'm stuck with BofA because it was the first account I ever got and is now over 30 years old. For over a decade I didn't use it, and really hated BofA. I couldn't bear to close the first bank account I ever had. I'm dumb that way. But I was glad later because they have a great internet site for banking and it's now the main bank I use.

I'm expecting a revolution in banking online to take place over the next decade. It just seems inevitable that small borrowers and lenders will find each other most efficiently that way. Sort of like an eBay for loans with a fee for insurance that protects the lender.

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