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Is my addiction normal ??


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OK....I've been around these boards for a couple months and engaging in credit repair and DV for the same amount of time.

Aside from the benefits of improving my scores I think I'm becoming addicted to this stuff.

Here are a few things I find myself doing

1. anticipating the mail man every day and being angry if he's running behind schedule. I also don't like that no mail is delivered on Sundays.

2. writing followup letters way before they need to be mailed out. Printing them out, addressing them, getting green cards from post office and having everything ready to go weeks before the proper send out date.

3. pulling new credit reports daily eventhough I know there has probably been no changes.

Is this behavior normal or am I a freak ??

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Yeah I'm in the same boat...

I can't wait for the mail each day, I shred every piece of mail as soon as I read it, I watch these boards for new info or credit scenarios 3 times each day, I am despeartely searching for an inexpensive way to pull my scores, and I am constantly planning my next credit move to increase my score...

Yeah its an addition..

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HAHA- that's hysterical! ...and here I thought I was the only one!

TST- I can only tell you that at some point you'll hit the wall. You'll say to yourself.."I need a break!" And you would be correct.

In the meantime, want something else to keep you occupied? Try writing some goodwill letters to executives where needed. Try searching for all of the pertinent executives at the companies still listed as negatives on your report. You may or may not need to contact them down the road.

Isn't it crazy the way you can't wait to get home to check the mail and check your updated scores?

When you do hit the wall, take your significant other out to a great dinner and some cocktails. You have EARNED it!


*** speaking of sports, if anyone wants to start a CIC Fantasy Football League in the next few months, let me know. I'll be happy to set it up at CBS Sportsline***

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