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Experian removal question

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Back in Jan I disputed 4 items that had information on them that was incorrect and not mine. They investigated it for the 30 days and removed them.Yesterday I recieved a letter that they put them back on my report due to update. I have no idea what their time limit is about adding removals back on.Also how much does a score go up if you ask to remove names and addresses? Can you ask about inquiries? There are 3 from At@t and I never applied for them.


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All CRA's are required to give you a notice within five days of what's called "reinsertion" - which is what you are experiencing. Many times a collection agency (CA) or the original creditor (OC) will "update" a credit report regularly and if an item is removed, it will be reinserted.

I would write another dispute to the CRA and request they provide details about the method they used to verify the original dispute. It's possible the OC could have been different than what's reported - that can happen these days with frequent mergers. If that's the case, you should be informed of the OC. When this request comes back, if verified, contact the OC or CA and request a debt validation (DV).

I'm not sure what you're asking by removing names and addresses...are you speaking of inquiries? They're worth about minus 2-5 points each. Personal information, such as previous addresses, has no effect on score.

Some CRA's are more forgiving than others about removing inquiries. I've heard Experian and TransUnion are easier than Equifax, which requests an investigation. If you did not make authorize the inquiry, definately dispute it. Make sure it's a "hard inquiry" which is only viewable to people who pull your credit. "Soft inquiries" are not viewable by anyone except yourself - you'll often see many of those for agencies that are querying your credit for their services.

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