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identity theft

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I must admit I did not search hard for this subject. Just looked at headlines.

But I cleaned a lot of fiances report awhile ago. He decided to try for a home loan. He was pre-approved.

Anyway there was an electric bill on his report that we knew was not his. (I blamed 1 of his family members for this) So he called the electric company. They sent him to Asset Acc who has the account. This bill is only 160 but drastically changed his experian. Well Asset told him the # and address this was at. It was in another city no family there. Then a phone bill we really thought was his in collections for 1700$ Also went to this same address. I heard him talking to the lady at Asset and something was said about a car repo. This is not on his report so I am wondering how she knew this. But that car loan (1997) went to the same addy.

He knows he should file a police report but how will this affect the mortgage company pulling. And what are the steps? How do we get this deleted.

Also the time the electric was put in his name in 1992 (they had it in his name for years they said)But if the info they gave is right he was away at that time.

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