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Filing DV after the 30 day notification

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I am being sued by a CA for some medical bills. These are bills from 2001-2003. I sent the CA a DV by CMRRR last year in 2004. They never responded. :twisted:

They filed a suit against me and now they are claiming since I didn't file the DV with them within 30 days of this original debt collection letter, I no longer have any right to dispute the debt.

Is this true? :?:

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Well, you have greater problems now. You need to answer teh complaint. Do not wait.

You may have an action against the CA for suing you without validating teh debt. The 30 day rule is not applicable here. WHen did you send the letter? When did they serve you?

HOwever, did you receive letters from the law firm before suit? If you did and you did not DV them, then you might not have a an action vs. teh CA.

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