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patelco need help please read

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i applied for a loan got approve for 8000

i live in ny

now they want prove here what they sent me

We’re in receipt of your documents that you sent in support of your Patelco Credit Union membership application.

We need the following to make a better decision:

Completed Membership application – go to Patelco.org, click on “Tools” link, & print out Membership application form & then complete the form

Unfortunately the NY DL & Soc Sec cards did not come through clearly—we’ll need you to send clear copies of the NY DL & Soc Security card

Proof of residence—a utility bill (water-electricity-garbage) or mortgage coupon or rental agreement

Finally, how did you find Patelco Credit Union? You’ve confirmed you did not join through the Sunnyvale CA community charter. It looks like you’re already a member of another credit union in New York, how did you find Patelco and what services do we offer that the credit union you’re already a member of not offer?

We look forward to the receipt of the above documents.

New Account Services Dept

Patelco Credit Union

\i have everything but what do i write in to say i can be a memeber

how does everyone else jion who dont live in cal

pleasee help

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