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My results and a Transunion Question


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When it comes to your credit I guess the system just tries to wear you down. Hopefully I will get some advice to help me catch my second wind.


It appears that Equifax has the toughest scoring model. The reason is I am trying to get a second mortgage and after working on my credit for a year now here are my results.

Experian, 4 out of 5 collections removed and a balance of 8577.00 correctly updated to 0.00 on a repo car. Score went from 602 to 675 in 45 days.

Equifax 2 of 5 collections removed and the other 3 updated to 0.00 balances. Score went from 598 to 618 in 60 days but then a hospital in Texas but a 50 ER visit on my report now back down to 600. Still shows balance of 50 but check is in the mail after several phone calls and they are unwilling to work with the report side.

Here is the big question. Since they use the middle report score I have another week before Transunion updates. They are going to show the 50 hospital, 1 zero bal collection and remove 3. I need to go from 604 to 640+. Any insight??????

I will post my long tern plan question for the legal side in Is there a Lawyer in the house?

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