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Can and How to Sue to get removal

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I am interested in how to go about getting lines completely removed from my credit report. I am not talking about large banks that send 500 letters then add $25000 credit card bills to your credit. I am talking about the piranha like medical folks and RMA who will soon be paying up on their deal with the devil. I was interested in paying a lawyer upwards of $1000 to write a few letters and give me some paralegals time to give this some teeth but no dice. I have not found a lawyer in South Carolina willing to do it much less for how much. So I am on my own to do the following in order of importance.

RMA – (Bellsouth) They have given about 5 different DOLA, and have showed the balance as 180 then it was paid updated to 0 then shows back up at 179 8 months later. I hate these people how do I end it all and prove that they are reporting incorrect data remove it forever? Do I have a case to sue them to remove and if so where and how. I am in West Ashley near Charleston SC.

Some collection company- (Hospital in Texas) – Put a 50 ER visit copay on my credit. I got two letters from the hospital and called them to say didn’t I pay that when I was there? She didn’t know said I’ll call you back. 5 months later it shows up on my credit. I have reasoned and argued with the collection company and hospital. Nothing it’s on there as far as they are concerned even after I pay. The hospital girl did mention that they recently switched collectors and “maybe they did not send out the letters but we did send you 2”. Can I just take them to smalls claims after paying then will in default send that to Equifax and say remove?

Same deal on another medical?


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First of all, congrats on your progress so far and Don't give up!

I heard the word NO millions of times and I wondered if I was simply out of luck. But I stuck to the principles in the book and on this site. Eventually they did pay off.

You have to be creative. Some of my most usefull tools are not discussed here. And I like it like that. If creditors knew of all of our tools, they would become that more ineffective.

When I hit the brick wall (credit repair wise) I started threatening everybody with legal action, the CB, CA's, OC's, everyone. It did not work but I got alot of my anger out. Then I read something here. I think it was Doc. The point was: "Think outside the box". Our first home is under construction and I owe it to this website.

I'll be happy to share if you give me some details.

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