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Settlement Lawyer in Texas


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Hi goodgirl,

I'm looking for the very same! I'm going to attempt debt settlement on my own with - 10 creditors. :shock: But if I'm going to salvage finances I have to do it. I can't go on with this mountain of ten-to-twelve year old debts.

But if any of them decide to file a lawsuit I think I'd be better off having legal representation. This is why I'm looking for an atty. who would represent me if such a thing happened.

When I went looking around, I found a mountain of BK lawyers. I've called around (to be fair, I've only contacted about four law firms in Austin so far) and haven't found one who will just rep you in the event you get sued; most of them will just help you file BK to stave off the lawsuit.

I don't want to file BK. I just want to be able to have legal representation in court if any of these nasties won't settle with me and want to sue.

Any luck yet? My e-mail is:


DocDon, are we looking in the wrong place? If I get sued by any of these creditors (I'm a long way from it, but want to be prepared) I want to respond, but don't want to go it alone.

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