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Foreclosure at hand


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Now we all at one point or another fall on hard times, I did,(out of work for 4 months) but saw light at the end of the tunnel.I was behind 3 months starting this year out, and talked to my mortgate company,and let them now i had an out,selling off some retirement stockand a tax return

Anyways, I called them the 29th of april,and was ready to fork over 9k to get all caught up, I was informed it was in the hands of a scumbag (attorney for short)and would have to call back.

No call back needed, An attorney`s hit my box tabbing on 1600 and wants a cashiers check + any additional fees.The conversation I had with my bank was that i would settle this by the end of the month, which i was ready to do, now this snag.

Im going to talk to a bk attorney on the tenth, in illinois, what is my timeframe for the forclosure? Sherriff at the door and all? the first letter was that i owed 13k or there abouts (2200 mortgage) the second note 2 days later was to dispute the validness of the debt in 30 days, so anyone have any insight?

Im thinking of a lawsuit, i have proof i cashed in securities,and the tax return hit and all...i was in direct communication with the bank.the last gal said the person i spoke with on the 15th should not have told me i have till the end of the month,i responded that their mistake was my charge? thats #$&^(*$ !

asking if their was anything else, i said, yes, shoot your attorney in the head, i was pissed!

Waiting for comment...


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Need a little more information as to who the lender (bank) is? Do you deal directly with the bank or a mortgage servicer?

What type of mortgage is it? FHA, VA, Fannie Mae approved, Freddie Mac approved, or other. The reason I ask this, is with those mortgages there are limits to the fees that can be charged to you in the event of default. I have searched the world over and notice that many of the other types of mortages originated seem to not have this important information.

Chances are that the attorney is an affiliate of the bank, and realistically the $1,200.00 attorney fee is not that far out of line. But what about the other fees?

As for the timelines for foreclosure, I honestly could not say, but would think that you can still save your home before it gets that far.

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