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DVing a CA with OPEN/PAID status

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First, I want to thank everyone for all there good informational postings and countless hours on this website. You all have been a blessing for people that believe that there is no hope in repairing their credit.


I am currently working with my wife's and mine credit repair. I just pulled a credit report on my wife and found that a CA has an account with OPEN status with Experian and PAID with TU. I'm thinking about DVing the debt and see if they will delete it, but I know this agency on a too personal level and I don't think will budge. Should I continue with the DVing effort or should I just file a suit against them b/c of this inaccuracy? This account has never been DV'ed. Any info would be great!!

So far 1 CA down 7 to go!!!


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Not certain I've got the right answer, but I'd suggest an ITS letter to them detailing how they're listing the account differently on two different CRs and if they don't remove their entries immediately, you'll be happy to sue them under the FCRA for reporting inaccurate info.

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