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What slime balls!!!

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Today I received a letter from a Law firm trying to collect on an SOL Cavalry debt I have been disputing. Was planning to file within a week or so againest Cavalry.

Two probable violations already in just that one letter that I can see. Only states "Amount Due:" no detailed break down of the debt or how it was calulated. Next it is michanically signed, so not likely the attorney reviewed it before sending it. So I am thinking maybe I will wait a few weeks on Cavalry and see what develops here.

Then I decide to go look up this firm and see what they are about. Their entire web site is Bankruptcy Law. The represent people in bankruptcy proceddings that have been forced there by their other "secret" clients. ::BigGun::

Now I am certain I am going to hold off, if I can nail these clowns along with Custers Men...Ooops...Cavalry.

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