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This is a complicated one.

My wife and I are trying to escape a nightmare that began back in 11/2001. It has to do with

group of sob's known as US Bank. To convey this from the beginning is detrimental to me.

those bastards have taken enough away. I wrote a letter and posted it on complaints.com.

It is a long letter, filled with anger and frustration. This barely scratches the surface of our story. In the end we ended up in the President of consumer Finance for Us bank. Only after I found out that the field reviewer they sent out to review the initial appraisal was not licensed to do so. Did not matter though they grabbed hold of my balls and have nefver let go


My question relating to credit is this. US bank forced us to sign a waiver saying that we would not pursue any further legal action against them. There only obligation was to clean up all US Bank Bad credit reports. Which they did. But here we are in 2005, and I have tons of late pays that are directly related to what happened to US Bank. Late pays being WAMU mortgage, car payments, even a telephone bill. Everything was paid but it still shows as late.

US bank has continued to play havoc in our lives. They say and do what they want, when they want, and get away with it. Becasue they have the coporate pass to screw over American citizens. We had a 2100 mortgage but becasue of certain events and economics and US Banks games we are now facing a 2900 dollar a month morgate payment. So we are desparate to refi. But the credit as I mentioned above is keeping us from a good refi. The best offer we have is at just below 2000 dollars, which really does not help at this point.

Further I really believe that US Bank is fearful that if we refi, then the waiver they foreced us to sign is no good any longer and I have open season on going after them. By getting us in a position of foreclosure they retain teh waiver rights, and we live in the streets.

The reporters of our late pays will not delete them, and my only other thought was to add a statement in my credit reports how there is this period of late pays. Those were all back in 2002. Since then we have never been late.

I would appreciate any guidance or advice or legal assitance in nailing US Bank to the wall that I could get......I have a 6 year old, so jumping off a bridge although quite appealing at times is not an option.......


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Ahhh but there might be.

Under the FCRA... now.. you might ask how.. well I shall tell you.

It depends on the actual wording of the legal agreement they signed.

If it says no legal action due to "this" event... then they can sue.. because other events are now at work.

Its all in the wording... me thinks you need to call a good FCRA lawyer and see what they can do for you.. at least have one talk to you

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my wife and i went to several attorneys prior to having sign this waiver. It was and continues to be a very complicted situation. Sometimes I think that is how these corporations protect themselves. For example, Us Bank has several separate departments: finance, collections, service, etc,etc. None of them are really connected with the others. The right hand knows not what the left hand is doing.

An individual is bounced around so much that layers upon layers are added to make it difficult

for others to understand.

One lawyer, spent the time to really grab an understanding of what had transpired and her really felt we had them on fraud. He also was curious as to if books were being cooked,and had lots of questions revolving around this field review. That was an in-house I was never meant to see. I just happened to get it totally by accident. but he declined in the end because we were broke and he was not willing to take it on contigency becasue of who he would be going up against.

So much for my constitutional rights to legal representation.

I could go on and on hell I have over 400 pages of stuff relating to all this.

But my main problem is the credit late pays that all this caused. I need to get past that so we can get a decent refi. interest rate.

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