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Question about Experian


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OK folks.. here is the deal..

I have a judgment on my CR for Experian.. this is gone from both TU and EQ on first dispute.

The judgment is in fact mine .. it was a small claims case that was a total farce... but regardless.

The thing is.. there is no SSN# on the case.. nothing but a name and address.

Now the address is not on any credit report because it wasnt mine..

I call the courthouse and they confirm there is nothing on there but my name and address.

I have disputed with Experian and they verify.

I ask them ((Silly CSR girl))how they could do that when the address that is on the judgment is one I have never lived at and there is no other identifying information.

She says we call the courthouse..

I tell her.. "No you didnt because they dont verify.. this directly from them"

She says "Well we hire someone to go look it up"

I say "So because the name is the same you can just report it?"

She says. "The court says it is you.. contact them to have it taken care of"

me- How can I when there is nothing they are reporting.. you are basically getting your information from a third party who I cant dispute with.

her- Well that is how its done.. you will have to deal with it.

She hung up after that... DAMN I wish I had been taping that one.

So... do I fight this more... or let it go.

Experian is my WORST Report..

They verify EVERYTHING when the other bureuas delete them within 15-20 days.

I honestly dont think they investigate anything..

So what should I do in this case?

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The thing is... it is MY judgment but there is nothing there.. that really links me to that.

I dont wanna get him pissed at me LOL

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