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Mastercard vs Visa

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The logo? That's really the only difference between them these days now that every bank and their subsidiary has their own credit card division and the interest rates are all the same. Used to be, places would oftentimes take one, but not the other...then it was Mastercard and Visa, but American Express wasn't accepted in many places. Now it doesn't really matter what you get.

The only real difference I can tell you between them is in traveler's cheques. As someone who has lost traveler's cheques from Visa, Mastercard, AND AMEX, I can say unequivocally that Mastercard has the best customer support and is the fastest at getting your cheques replaced and have you back out doing your thing. AMEX gives you a token amount in replacement cheques to tide you over while they conduct a painstakingly long investigation (that leaves you trying to figure out how to budget 250 dollars to last you an entire week in a foreign place), and Visa gives you some hassle/delay, but is pretty quick at replenishing the whole lot.

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