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Free Transunion Credit report.

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well i recently received an updated tu report, directly from TU. this was in response to my credit repair that I began in jan 05. (using a GREAT service out of florida, not sure if im permitted to say here, people may think its an advertisement for them, but hell,,,in under 3 months they were able to remove many items including a bankruptcy on TU and EQ. and also paid judgments. along wtih some other random little collections crap. (phone bills, cable, etc)..

annnnnyway..long story short. i thought i would go to dealer and see if i could trade in my car (that my buddy bought for me in his name due to my bad credit) i was armed with my credit report that a prior dealership ran for me (place i bought my car, know the salesperson, he knows my deal) well to my ANGER!! on there was a collections for 650$!! how the heck it was on the dealer report, and not on the one TU sent me direct is beyond me. so i called TU, and while on the phone with the young lady (who if you can turn up the charm, call her by her name, etc, gets you far) proceeded to go over everything with me and informed me that it was just reported??!!! it was off, then on again? was it re-verified or what?she literally told me "im sorry sir, i dont have an answer for you on that, and im sorry"..damn right your sorry..i was just embarrased as hell thinking i was clean and go in there with this crap on there! longer story short..i kind of got on her good side, had her laughing and well..she said she would file a dispute. and on some of the other items on there, she said "dont worry about that, it is gone now"..i think she literally just deleted it for me. to feel like god, and to make my day. after all "im a really good guy, i mean well, i work hard, im trying to start a family, buy a house, and build a picket fence, but this negative crap, and honest to god WRONG info is killing me, can you help"....that works like a charm..give it a try..she also said an updated report is on the way...

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